Welcome to Belmont Lane Allotments  in Chislehurst, Kent
The Belmont lane site is located in the London borough of Bromley and is situated adjacent to a recreation field and woodland. There is a history of the allotment being in existence since the early nineteen twenties. Soil is of a clay nature and due to generations of people working the site the ground is highly fertile and easily worked. The largest plots are 10 rods by 1 rod approximate dimensions and there is a slight gradient from east to west. (1 rod = 5 ½ yard.) There are over 50 full plots and the area of the site is 1.82 hectares. Full plots and part plots are available for rent though currently there is a waiting list, although with the resurgence in interest in allotments, also new houses having tiny gardens and flats none, membership has increased in recent years. Water troughs and taps are located strategically about the location, allowing for ease of watering of the plots, and a ladies toilet facility is available with basic washing facilities. Adjacent to the allotments there is a horse stable, with a free supply of manure available for the taking. The plots are suitable for growing all manner of plants, but in the main are used for the production of vegetables and fruit. Although owned by the borough, the site is self managed  under a long lease by the association. Fenced around the perimeter with locked entrance the security is good, and is strengthened by the fact  several members whose homes overlook the allotment.